Monday, November 03, 2008

2 Words for you: Best Group

This is why us creative types oughta stick together when we can. Every one around this place is an artist of some kind: fabric, thread, paint, clay, hot glue...something. I don't normally include myself in this club, but I do think I have a flair for creating crafty Halloween costumes. I'm not sure what that gets you in the "real world" but around here, if you can get enough people to join in, that gets you a bucket of candy, a pizza party, and the title of "Best Group" for your efforts. And this year there was some tight competition.

The first picture is me...before, showing off my tatoo (which was not permanent after all, thank goodness) and after as Captain Christmas (on account of the lovely series of Christmas books that are kind of a "big deal" around here).
The last pic shows the Crafty Pirates of the Carribbean, from left to right:
Yarnacle Bill (our secret weapon), Gluebeard (her sticky finger come in handy), Captain Christmas, Long John Stitcher, Fat Quarters, and Black Art (the painter in the group).

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Mundane Jane said...

This. is. messed. up.