Friday, January 09, 2009

New friends

I'm racking my brain for a blog post and I don't think one is coming. I blame my new friends Denise and Bob and lack of oxygen to said brain. Some of you may already know them. Denise is the perky friend that I'd like to not know most of the time. I seem to forget how much I don't like her in between times that I spend with her and decide to give her another try and then I remember that I don't like spending time with her while she's looking all tanned and toned on the beach and I'm doing the grapevine across my living room floor. That puts me in a bad mood.

Bob is the perky friend that I'd like to know better. When I'm passed out in the floor, catching my breath, I still enjoy watching Bob. Watching him do yoga stretches in the cool down makes me happy. They both have DVDs that even I can move along with. Of course, between those and the hill of death behind my house that ruins a perfectly easy walking track, I can barely feel my feet anymore and it hurts to type (OK, that might be a slight exaggeration. Very slight.) Maybe this weekend the endorphins will finally kick in and I'll be inspired to creativity.

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