Monday, January 12, 2009

Something else to keep me busy

So I decided I just didn't have enough hobbies and time-wasters this weekend...and I got an offer I couldn't refuse from Netflix, so I signed back up for the lowest "unlimited" rentals, one DVD at a time this weekend. Why would I do that? You wouldn't believe how many movies the place has that you play immediately! Even newish movies that you might expect to have to wait for the mail to arrive. I was really surprised. Of course, I don't have the fancy receiver for my t.v. (yet) but I watched a movie on my desktop screen. Just picked it and told it to play! It was cool (the experience, not the movie, because I picked one that I would not normally ever rent because no matter how many movies I pick to play immediately, I'll never have to pay more than $8.99 a month so I can pick some not-so-hot ones and this was one of those). The play-immediately movies are like the mail-DVDs and you can build a queue of movies that you'd like to see someday. And then when someday arrives, you just push "Play" and in seconds, the movie begins. And of course, now that I'm wireless, I'm completely mobile, so that means the rooms where there is no t.v., I can take my laptop and watch a movie...while I sew or while I should be sleeping.

And this moves me one step closer to never leaving the house...

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Mundane Jane said...

I watch a couple of these "watch immediately" movies every month. There are some jewels to be found, if you've got time to hunt for them.

Also, if you haven't already, check out the movies and TV shows on hulu.