Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Blog love

My blog following goes in phases. There are a few that I read daily, mainly because I actually know the blogger in real life and everything, so I'm just keeping up. Then there are blogs that I read from people that I've never met. Sometimes I really, really want to meet them. I'd like to have one zillion dollars to travel to meet Erin Vey, dog photographer, with pooch in tow. But I don't. So I live vicariously through her blog. If you love either dogs or really interesting photography or, even better, the combo, visit Erin Vey's daily journal. But be prepared. In her world, the dogs are nearly too cute to stand.

I spent last night working out a yarn knot (by cutting the stupid yarn so I have another stupid yarn end but I'll probably recover from that as soon as these socks just grow up and leave the needles already). I should have photos of completed socks tomorrow...barring any more unforeseen yarn-tastraphes.


Anonymous said...

Haha! Next stitch-in you HAVE to remember to ask MaryBeth and Allison about the knot in my yarn! They were DETERMINED to get the knot undone and we ended up staying up until I think around 12:30am or so!! I was totally game for cutting the stupid thing by that time but sweet, sweet Allison refused to give up hope! And stubborn, stubborn MaryBeth just wasn't going to quit until the job was done! lol We feel your pain! By the way, I read both of your blogs daily! :)

Joan, Lazy Girl said...

Hi Cheryl,

I'm beginning to think you love dogs as much as I do. Thanks for the link to Erin Vey's blog.