Thursday, February 05, 2009

Something interesting is bound to happen soon

I just know it is. Right now, television and Pathwords/Word Twist/Scramble on Facebook are eating my brain. I think I knit a total of 6 rows this week on the same second sock that I've been working on for months. So last night, I
1. Watched the Razorback basketball team in a great game with a heartbreaking ending (the thrill of victory chased by the agony of defeat). So NOT watching the Super Bowl is a perk of having total control over my t.v. And so is watching Razorback basketball. College sports=big deal around here. The local channel will preempt long awaited new seasons of fabulously popular shows to show the Razorbacks. That's commitment.
2. Watched the latest installment of "So You Think You Can Sing?" which is also knows as American Idol. We're still in the cringing stage, and there's plenty o' drama (goodbye, Bikini Girl and angry Hair Stylist). Good job, Guy from Conway, and new favorites like Oil Rig Roughneck guy, Welder guy, and the Best Friends guys (will they both make it? Nervously biting nails...)). I can't miss that!

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