Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Blogs are cool.

Yesterday I realized how happy I am that there are such things as blogs. I have a job where I am lucky enough to work with creative people from all around the country, some of them I met here and they moved away or just moved on and some of them just never were lucky enough to live 'round here. I've been reading what Pat Sloan and Emilie Richards have cooked up and really, I'm ready to move over to Virginia to be near all the fun. As I still have this uncomfortable reliance on earning a paycheck, I'll probably just stay 'round here and live vicariously through the blogosphere. Of course, it helps to have spent some time with both of them separately to know what I'm probably missing when they join forces.

To join in the BOM fun, go to Season of Grace block of the month. It's beginning at Pat's place ( and alternating with Emilie's place ( After a few emails, several Houston meetings, some extended stays in Little Rock, and one fabulous trip to Ireland, Pat is a good enough friend to offer to act as my travel agent to visit Washington, D.C. And I might even go! Emilie has a great blog (she's, like, a professional famous writer and all, you know?) called "Southern Exposure" (as well as a beautiful site and a stinkin' cute beagle named Nemo in an unrelated but very important sidenote). I like that. And I have the accent to explain why.

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