Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Afghan update

I have managed to avoid making a rash purchase. So far. MJ is absolutely correct when she says she recognizes my pattern and that yesterday's post indicates a purchase in my future. I don't know what it will be yet but the perfect storm of a list of electronic desires, a tax refund (that ought to be saved or at least spent on something fiscally responsible but knowing how I roll...chances aren't great), and an obsessive personality is brewing.

I'm thinking there's an electronics purchase, a short trip away from here, or maybe a 3-month supply of Diet Coke in case times get really hard. I need to finish, confirm, and actually hold said refund in my hot little hands before I make a decision. And get an estimate on car paint repair, just to see if it's even possible.

Until I make a purchase, here's a low-tech update, the progress on my Log Cabin baby afghan. Yesterday was technically my deadline. I missed it. Let's see how long it takes from this point. My conservative estimate is 6 weeks because I'm about to hit the big blocks. That would be around May 6.

Anybody know a baby due around...August? I'm pretty sure I could finish it by then. Or maybe May of next year. Or later.

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