Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I want

Just in case you couldn't tell...this is not a handbag. This is a computer. The HP Mini 1000, Vivienne Tam edition to be specific. HP calls it the first digital clutch.

Since Pat got her little teeny, weeny baby cutie computer, I've been secretly (or not so) wanting my own. And the technical term is "netbook" I think. Good for surfing, email, word processing...just the basics, no games or movies or things like that.

And look how pretty this one is! And at only twice the price of other models ($699).
So I couldn't justify one of those models because I already have a desktop and a laptop (also a HP, btw). But look how pretty! Mine is so...black and heavy and big (and fast and easy to use and overall good to work with). I'm nearly sure I'm not cool enough to carry around one of these anyway, but it's so pretty! If I hung out at coffee shops more, I'd have to have one. Maybe I should start drinking? Coffee?

To find out more or order your own, click here
and then be sure to tell me all about it. I promise not to hate you for it. Too much.


Mundane Jane said...

Wait. I've seen this movie before. These are the noises you make right before you haul off and buy something.

Cheryl said...

I resemble this remark.

I'm OK with that.

pat sloan said...

hold out for lily in PINK... half the price.. go on vacation with the $$ you save... so you can USE your netbook!