Friday, March 06, 2009

I need to be unplugged

Last night after I finally made it home (stupid construction, stupid traffic, stupid backroads to get me around those, and then more traffic), I hurried around to get some things know, before American Idol came on. So I wrote a little, paid some bills, and then hustled to the library to pick up a book. Did you know it closes at 8? Me, either. I think that's pretty great. I love libraries. Anyway, I picked up food, handed to me through a window, and made it home about 7:30, just in time to catch up with my DVR and American Idol. I love DVR, but it missed the end of Idol. But that was OK because I watch Hell's Kitchen, too, so I started that one to find out what happened on American Idol.

(I wanted Anoop to make it through. In fact, I'd vote for an all-boy Idol but that's probably just me). And then once I got wrapped up in Gordon, I had to watch that one, too. It was a good night to restore my faith in the humanity of reality tv stars, first Simon with the whole 13th idol and Gordon who did not murder and eat Bobby/Robert for being a wienie. I was both surprised and a little disappointed in his sensitivity. Maybe Gordon's growing. My DVR switched again before the end, but I decided I'd just ask someone who was fired because I was all set for Burn Notice.

So I know that t.v. is eating my brain. I don't care. Last night was one of those nights where I had plans, I tried to execute them by multitasking, but the demands of watching the best night of television kicked in and I ended up perched on the edge of my seat, knitting needles clutched to my chest but yarn long forgotten, so engrossed in exploits of my new hero, Fiona Glenanne. If you don't watch Burn Notice, you should. Really. I'm all about the car chases, the explosions, and the general badness of ex-spies, but I want to grow up to be tiny, rope-y, dangerous Fiona. I'll have to lose about 352 pounds with the help of a variety of martial arts training, buy taller heels, and seriously increase my knowledge of all kinds of ammunition, but at least I have a plan.


Barb said...

LOVE Burn Notice!! I'm about 2 weeks behind but have them DVR'd so hubby and I will probably catch up this weekend. Seems like such a short season... but "In Plain Sight" is about to restart so that'll make up for it. Now she can kick some butt!

Anonymous said...

TV isn't eating your brain. It's turning your brain into gelatinous mushy-mush so Alec Baldwin and the rest of the aliens at Hulu can eat it LOL.

And I have to admit that I've never seen any of the shows you talked about. I avoid Idol like the plague and the others just never caught my attention. I did watch one episode of Kitchen Nightmares (the one where he comes in and fixes everything that's wrong) because he was highlighting a restaurant in the town where I grew up and I was morbidly curious.

Mundane Jane said...

You redecorated. I like it.

I wouldn't worry about being too plugged up (in?)--not with all the knitting you manage to crank out.