Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A touch of green

Happy St. Patrick's Day! We're all Irish for a day, even Darcy.
And if she makes it to your house, send her back home. I promise I won't take any more pictures (today)!

The Way We Tell a Story
Says I to him, I says, says I,
Says I to him, I says,
The thing, says I, I says to him,
Is just, says I, this ways.
I hev', says I, a gret respeck
For you and for your breed,
And onything I could, I says,
I'd do, I wud indeed.
I don't know any man, I says,
I'd do it for, says I,
As fast, I says, as for yoursel',
That's tellin' ye no lie.
There's nought, says I, I wudn't do
To plase your feyther's son,
But this, I says, ye see, says I,
I says, it can't be done.
(Pat McCarty 1851-1931)

1 comment:

pat sloan said...

she is SOOOOOOOOO cute!!!!

neighbors just adopted a greyhound before I went to TN.. can't wait to 'really' meet her..

those greyhounds are BIG!