Monday, March 16, 2009

Knit one. Over and over.

That's it. Knit one, over and over and over and over. I had originally planned to try to have this finished in a week or so. I don't believe I'm going to make it. That's OK. I made some progress this weekend, thanks to about 70 hours on my DVR (what can I say? I had to watch the entire Jim Cramer/Jon Stewart saga. And then there was a backlog of Trust Me to catch up with. It was important stuff.) And I made even more progress in putting my house to rights. I can actually walk, unimpeded, across my bedroom floor now. This is very helpful in the dark of night. With all the laundry done and my nonfunctioning treadmill wrassled out to the garage (my foot and my doorjambs will never be the same, but once I started, I just couldn't leave it there, you know? Hindsight says that it would have been smarter to wait for help. Hindsight has told me that before. I just never learn.), I have an amazingly spacious bedroom now.

Wonder how I can store either A) more books B) more yarn or C) both in the space that used to be occupied?

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