Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Why I don't have adventures...

I am 98% hermit. I don't know what the other 2% consists of, but I like to be at home. And this weekend it snowed so I was ready to knit. And after the epic battle to conquer second sock syndrome, I wanted an easy knit project. So...remember a long, long time ago when I learned to knit? I think my second project was the Mason Dixon Moderne Log Cabin baby blanket. All knitting. All the time. No purling required, just yarn and knitting and casting on/picking up and binding off. It doesn't get much simpler than that. And this time, my yarn choice is Cotton Ease which I love so much more than the cotton I used last time around. I used (mostly) yarn from my growing stash, so I'm also being economical. Now, let's just see if it grows up to be a real baby afghan someday.

Note to self: find your yarn needle or you are going to have one big mess on your hands.

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