Wednesday, April 29, 2009

They don't make 'em like they used to

As of today, it has been a full three months since my birthday. And if this balloon were not tethered to the filing cabinet, it would be floating around the room, about waist-high.

I've been running an informal experiment to test
a. how long it takes people to stop remarking about said balloon.
I might have tampered with the evidence here because it stopped almost as soon as I moved it off my chair into the corner.
b. how long a helium balloon can float.
Three months and counting but the end is near.
and now
c. how high your tolerance for meaningless posts is.
It was either this, a t.v. recap (could I please find someone who watched Chuck to talk to? It pains me.), or more books...and guess what we're going to talk about tomorrow? That's right...probably books. I'm still hoping for something exciting, but I'm not very hopeful. Maybe I don't get points for scintillating blog posts, but determination ought to count for something.


Anonymous said...

Hilarious...I love meaningless posts! I'm glad you post me something to do while I'm trudging away trying to help the masses! Thanks!

Mundane Jane said...

You're in luck. Muffin Uptown has been dying to find somebody she could squeal with over Chuck. I'll give her your number.