Thursday, April 30, 2009

The photo that was never meant to be

So the first time I took a photo, the memory card ate it. When I went to find the super-professional shot I had taken, I saw the view from a Dublin hotel room. That's just wrong on so many levels. I did, in fact, take shots out the window from a Dublin hotel room. I'd like to do it again. All over again. I don't want to see those pictures unexpectedly. Stupid memory card.

And then Mrs. SJ brought the bag back to work and offered to let me take another photo. So I took my phone over, my phone that has never let me down and takes passingly acceptable shots every time. This time...blur. But that's just fine. The proof is here anyway. I can sew. This, too, must be somewhat like riding a bicycle because I haven't practiced this in a while. I decided that all my gifts are coming from my stash this year. That doesn't really narrow things down because I have several stashes to work with, but this is also the second gift of the year that I actually had made to give (really close to) on time. Things might be looking up!

Oh, and the tote pattern is modified from Pat's tote for the sewing class at

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