Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter fashion

I love Easter. And while I was packed in, armpit to armpit, Sunday morning, I had to remind myself why I love Easter. Every year I am tempted to call "skip day" on Easter in order to make room for all the people coming in for the day. I don't think I've ever done it. And aside from some dramatic illustration (how'd they do that? where did Jesus go?) and a little interpretive dance (in the BAPTIST church, no less), I love church on Easter Sunday. The music is good, and this should be the day we celebrate. Maybe we should get gifts on Christmas but not open them until Easter. But this post isn't really about that.
This post is about Easter fashion. Yet again, the retailers around here have played the cruel joke of selling us spring fashion just in time for a cold Easter Sunday. This year: 50 degrees and raining and there I am in my sweater, my skirt, and my summery shoes. Rain loves open-toed shoes, have you noticed? But I was doing OK, enjoying all the little girls in poofy skirts and bows and the little boys in suits with slicked-down hair. Then...
I saw a seersucker suit with complimentary bow tie. I only expect to see that on older gentlemen named Atticus. And this man was 30-ish with a very stylish wife beside him so I'm certain he was fashionable but...I was unprepared. I'm not sure that seersucker should be revived even here the South, home of the seersucker suit/mint juelp combo. I could definitely be wrong as I'm not much of a fashionplate myself. What do you think? Seersucker, yes or no? Talk amongst yourselves.
And while you're talking about it, I have another: Spaghetti straps in church, really? I'm not sure the answer, but I hear the question (in my head) often. I know, church isn't about the clothes, but a girl's gotta blog about something!

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