Sunday, April 05, 2009

I'm not sure what this says

I have 2 nephews. The oldest is 15. He's 6'4", taller than his dad, wears a size 15 shoe, and he's 15. I've told him to take up a bad habit to stunt his growth, but at this point it may be too late. I chose to do all my growing in an outward motion, but I guess he's going straight up.

So, this weekend I got to watch him play baseball. And we had a big section with aunts, a great aunt, and my grandmother...we all made it out to see him play in 2 games.

And we were a little late getting settled, so when we finally had our chairs set up, he was on deck to bat right in front of where we landed. And I said to my grandmother, who was on the front row right in front of me, "Hey, look at number 35. What a good looking kid!" because that is what we do, we heckle the children if we have a chance.

We were crammed into a small area, and my grandmother was sitting next to a nice lady who was crocheting and in an attempt to make conversation, I asked her about it. I don't usually chat up strangers, but I did. Thank goodness. Eventually she asked me who I was there with...and I said, "Oh, I'm Zach's aunt. He's number 35." And with this very relieved look on her face, she said, "Oh! Ok, that's good to know."

Apparently she was sizing me up for creepy, stalker, child-stealing status. Maybe what works when he's 5 doesn't work as well when he's 15. This picture is actually from 10 years ago. 10 years! Holy cow, I'm old. I keep this on my refrigerator because I really love what it says about my dad, but they're pretty cute too. I kinda wish they were still there.
And the younger one doesn't have as much of the height yet, but he makes up for it in attitude.

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