Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What happened? you ask...'s still here. As I wrote most of these posts on Sunday, I was being optimistic about my writing and winning abilities.

And I did win. First place, as a matter of fact, in the category with the fewest entries. But still, judged to be better than #2 and #3. In the fiction category? How did that happen? And nothing in the nonfiction, the area I would have said, "Now maybe I stand a chance." So I'm all confused and such. I can't quit in a huff because I did win. I got a check. No certificate, but a check that I plan to photo copy and pin up somewhere. And then I had to go up and read it. Out loud. In front of people. And horrified on the inside, I did it. To all 9 people that showed. They laughed (which was actually the point so that's a good thing, not a bad one.)

So now what? I was putting some stuff together to enter in the Arkansas Writers Conference contest, mostly nonfiction (and there are many, many contests going). As the entry fee is so low, I guess I might as well just let 'em rip, and maybe I'll trot my little fiction story out to see what happens in a bigger pond. I predict bad news. If you're interested in reading, it's on the other blog (more space, fewer posts, and it's loosely "Christian" since the contest was for Christian writers, but there's not much faith to it, yet. I clearly can't do complete stories in only 2000 words so this one needs more and this was my first ever fiction attempt to see light of day...and I can make all kinds of excuses. Just don't tell me that you've read it, OK? That will make me happy. I mean it. I'll crash both blogs if I have to eliminate the evidence.)

To other readerly, writerly types, this weekend is the annual Arkansas Literary Festival. Last year was my first visit, but I think I'll see what I can see this year. It looks like most of the events center around the main library and a trip down to the River Market is always fun.

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Regina said...

You did it!!! You entered - and you won!! How cool is that!!!

Keep writing!!!

pat sloan said...

Woot Woot WOOT! from your BIGGEST fan!!!!! Way to go and send it on to the next level ... what fun!

Mundane Jane said...

I think this may very well be "your thing." It's very good. No wonder you won first place.