Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tall buildings

I dodged the rain drops on Saturday afternoon to walk towards the state park in downtown Pittsburgh. And I got very, very walking tired. So I decided to sit now and then to take photos of buildings. It's a thing to do when your dogs are howling and you'd like to look as inconspicuous as anyone with a camera pressed to her face can. As I got a my walking, I was really tired by the time I made it back to the good hotel. I count myself lucky that I was off course in the middle of the city. I can find my way in the city. If I'd been somewhere without pointers, like the wilderness, I'd still be lost. I'd be wishing for a few subway stops then. In the city, I can walk a ways, looking for the super tall building right across from this place or that place and make it back. There are a lot of those buildings in Pittsburgh! It's a good place to walk if you're the walking type. I'm not. I'm fairly sure I'll be sorry I did it tomorrow (writing this Saturday evening), but I think that will make me love my car that much more.

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