Thursday, May 21, 2009

Making friends on the plane

I don't like to fly. I like to travel, but I hate flying. Not because of the crashing potential, but mainly because of the forced run through the airport to make a connection because it's impossible to fly directly anywhere from here. And also because I really don't legs are too long so they poke the person in front of me, and I'm not wide enough for 2 seats (yet) but I am too wide to fit comfortably in one. It's a dilemma. I'm also don't usually start conversations with strangers. That explains a lot about my life, but on planes, it means that I bury my nose in a book. I like to have my nose in a book so it works out.

On my way to Memphis, I was sitting in the aisle seat on a 3-girl row. I say girl, but I was the youngest so...3-woman row. And we were still settling in so I didn't have my book handy.

And the woman in the window seat had her magazine out. And it has the kids from Twilight on the cover. So the conversation starts something like this.

Woman 2 (because she's in the middle): "'At's 'em vampires, right?"
And she probably didn't actually talk like that but we were still in Arkansas at that point so that's what I heard.

Woman 1: Yes. I just loved the first movie and I can't wait for the next one...

And I couldn't help it. I had to chime in. I had seen the movie and I had something to say. It's become a thing with me that I have to be a part of what people are talking about. That's why I read the stupid books in the first place! So we talked the rest of the flight: Twilight the movie, Twilight the book, crazy Twilight fans and moms of fans, how cute that guy was in the Harry Potter movies, the Harry Potter books, the next Harry Potter movie, and Kris Allen (who is completely unrelated to either Twilight or Harry Potter, but by law, every Arkansan is currently forced to discuss Kris Allen and his chances of winning American Idol any time there's a lull in the conversation...and any time anybody's talking about anything, I want to be included even though I was a Danny fan living in Kris Allen territory. Man, I hope Kris wins. And that we have something new to talk week.) We then shopped the Sky Mall together and were amazed by the bed with all the drawers underneath. These were obviously the best friends I've ever met on a plane. And it all started with a vampire.

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