Monday, June 15, 2009

Spare change

One of the best things about DVR is that you don't even have to know exciting things are happening. Your t.v. knows and catches it for you and holds it until you are ready. This weekend, I was ready.

I used to have a serious problem with the shows on HGTV, like the channel would come on and never go off. I've managed to prune that back until I only never miss House Hunters International. I love that show, but I've become convinced that there are too many people with more money than good sense. And since I don't recognize any of these faces, meaning they aren't movie stars or professional athletes, I suspect illegal activities contribute to the purchase of the $3 million vacation home.

This week featured 5 locations voted on by House Hunters International viewers as places they'd most like to live (I think).

5. Bahamas
4. Bali, Indonesia (but not Billybali, the suburb of Bali proper...anybody but me recognize that movie?)
3. Rome
2. Amalfi Coast
1. St. John

First of all...what is up with the locations? Rome? The beaches I get, but maybe we could put a little chateau in or highland castle or...OK, beaches, got it.

If you'd like to see highlights of the 3 most normal of the 5, click here. I say "normal" because 2 of them are real homes, not vacation homes, and the third is a vacation home that makes sense if you're young, single, and have quite a bit of spare cash hanging around.

Here's my problem...the top 2 featured people who had more money than good sense. Seriously. The St. John couple chose the $3 million unfurnished pink palace the furthest from town because they liked the view and the pool. For a vacation home. And then they renovated by adding columns. Meanwhile, they were in raptures over the so-much-more budget conscious $2 million dollar home that came with all the furniture (which they loved) and was within "walking distance" of town but, horrors! It had a fiberglass pool. Oh, and the pink palace...the electricity would be between $2000 and $4000 a month. I believe I would have packed my bags up at that moment. Still, they had a lot of money and weren't afraid to spend it to get the luxury they expected.

It's the Amalfi coast couple that did me in. Don't know the Amalfi coast? That's the picture. It's beautiful, it's Italy. I can see why you'd want a home there. I can see why you'd want a fully renovated luxury home in the center of town that is completely within your budget even if you don't love the chandeliers. I cannot see why you'd, instead, go for the 400-year old ruin without a single working bathroom. Maybe you love adventure. Enough to tromp the 350 stairs straight up to get there? Every time you go to town, you get to climb all those steps back up. Oh, and all that renovating you'll have to do? All the materials will come up on donkeys. And take 3 years. 3 years of donkeys. And renovation. For a vacation home.

Just as soon as I have my extra $3 million (come on, lottery!), I believe I'm going to purchase a pink palace in St. John. Luxury comes new over there, no need to install a bathroom or use a donkey to do it.


Anonymous said...

The only peace and quiet in the area is to have a place away from the hustle and bustle with no nosy privacy, freedom, quiet and beauty...much better than the center of town

Cheryl said...

I'm not sure. I think I could live with some bustle for a working toilet and less exposure to donkey traffic.