Thursday, June 11, 2009

Wishful knitting

I've been in and out so much that the emails that I've signed up for to tell me what's happening in places I really like have piled up. And then I get angry "Your mailbox is almost full" messages. And then I have to clean them out or the work stuff might bounce back and I might miss some highly important communications.

So I was going through them and moving, deleting, reading, etc. this morning and ran across an email from Twist. This is a knitter's e-magazine with really nice photography and some nice projects. I like this magazine because, as with most knitting magazines, I like to look at the pretty pictures the most but I don't have to buy anything. I certainly can because the patterns are also available for sale. If you've never seen this e-magazine, click here. And then just hit the arrows to turn the pages.

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