Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Anyone else going?

So I missed out on some people I'd like to have talked to in Pittsburgh the last time I traveled. This time, I'm posting notice that I'm headed to Orlando next week for the CHA tradeshow and the first consumer supershow, so if you'll be around, let me know.

And people, on hearing that I'm going to Orlando, normally say, "Oh, wow, how exciting!"

These people have clearly never walked a tradeshow. If I have any time to make it over to see Mickey and gang, I will have a difficult decision. I have the stamina of a healthy 136 year old woman (yes, that's said it). And I will have used up all my good stuff trying to see what there is to see at the show...and there's usually a lot to see.

And I have spent my lunch time today lamenting the fact that I've booked a 6:30 return flight home. If I go the cost-efficient route and book the airport shuttle to pick me's coming at 3:45. That would be in the morning. Or maybe in the middle of the night actually. And since it won't pick me up from my bed, that's going to be tough, tough, tough (makes me wish for the Knight Bus. I'm such a Potter geek.)

I should really think these things through more carefully.

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