Wednesday, July 08, 2009

What's your brand

OK, so I'm back to posting daily. You have no one to blame but...the people who said I needed to get back to it.

I did a little more thinking on branding than I normally do last night. After a conversation in our staff meeting (this is what happens when we talk about naming a leaflet "Just Bead It" and then realize it might have been a good thing to go with "Beading Workshop" instead and that book finally goes to the printer) of t.v. devotees vs. non-television owners/watchers (a.k.a. the people who can't identify Jon or Kate. Clearly they don't read magazine covers either.), I plopped myself down on the couch around 8-ish to see what stupid show I could watch that would make the high-brow non-televisors at the table cringe. And I wandered into the strange Barbara Walters interviews of stars at the Michael Jackson memorial. And on this show and others, music producers talked about MJ's brand and how he built this amazing worldwide brand so that people around the world knew something about might be something crazy, but they knew who Michael Jackson was. We might not understand the brand or what it stood for, but you can't deny the power.

Snuffling a little (after Paris sorta broke my heart) then, I switched over to watch the premiere of Warehouse 13 on the SciFi channel. Or, now, the Syfy channel. The change was to build a more "portable brand." I don't know what that means. Do you? I think it may be another indication of my aging that I'm thoroughly against shortening and changing the spelling of the already-shortened "science fiction." But changing to a made-up word that requires explanation of pronunciation doesn't seem to be the best branding step. "Imagine Greater" is a great tagline, but I'm distracted by the weird word sitting on top of it.

Clearly, I know very little about branding. I'm the one on the couch turning my brain to mush. And I'm totally OK with that (but I do wish it was with better shows than Warehouse 13 although it may just be off to a slow start...I gotta have something to turn my brain to mush so I'm sure I'll give it another try, but I'm just sayin...I'm happy Eureka's back too. Syfy should be too.)

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