Friday, August 14, 2009

I think they're on to me

So in a stunning turn of events, I believe I've managed to have a gift for every one of my friends on the actual day that they celebrate their birthdays this year. And it's not just one. Now it's a streak of successes.

But as this is the third tote, I think the surprise may be gone for those born later in the year.
My plan is to make things from my stash for birthday gifts in order to save (a very little) money. The journals...those are store-boughten. And the cards. But the totes, all stash fabric. So far. I was so, so tempted to go out and make purchases this weekend. I mean, I may have actually cleared out something amazing like...4 whole yards of fabric. I might be running low! Thank goodness the thought of putting on out-in-public clothes stopped me! My streak is alive!

Oh, and dental update because I know you were waiting anxiously...I get to have at least one and maybe two crowns. It's a good thing I'm saving all that money with the whole "making gifts from my stash" idea. That should totally cover the crowns, right? Teeth are expensive, but I guess you get what you pay for.

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Mundane Jane said...

Get the nitrous.