Tuesday, August 18, 2009

16 again

This weekend my nearly-16-year-old nephew got his first truck in a surprise ambush at a family restaurant in the bustling metropolis of Bryant. My brother and sister-in-law schemed to make it a surprise and it was a brilliant plan, carried out very well. It was fun to watch him walking through the parking lot, hitting the clicker, to see which car talked back. And then they powered up the stereo. "They" meaning my brother who had worked to get this truck set up with a very nice system. I think he was as excited as my nephew. It was really cute.

The people in the restaurant might not have embraced it as much. And the people trying to sleep in their neighborhood in a few months might not agree, but I thought it was cute.

I learned a lot from my brother. He's seven years older and way cooler than I was/am. He did a lot of transporting me in his blue truck. With the stereo thumping.

From him, I learned it is much more fun to drive fast. It is.
And that music should be felt in your chest. This is a function of the volume and the shaking of the seats that vibrates all the way through. Now I know some songs do it better than others. I believe "Wild Thing" was playing when that truck turned on this weekend. Uh, that's the Tone-Loc version. It worked pretty well in 1989 too.
And that my car will run further on "E" than I first imagined. I'm still working on this lesson.

This is a picture of my brother and his two sons. I think this may be the only way I'll see Zach for a while: through the windshield. He may be sleeping in the front seat.

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