Monday, September 14, 2009

Coming home to roost

You know, when I agreed to do this, September 21st seemed so very far away. Did you know that September 21st is next Monday? And next Monday night is when I said I would speak to the Saline County Quilt Guild.

Now is when the panic starts. I just talked to my new friend JoAnn PowerPoint. That means all eyes will be near me, even though I plan to have a revolving parade of quilts. That's probably not great since my public speaking skills...need work. Still, I'm extremely cheap and I've heard that you get what you pay for. 30 minutes of me.

How many door prizes do you think I need to take to make up for 30 minutes of me?
How many quilts will it take to distract everyone for 30 minutes?

Maybe I can find some freebies to sweeten the deal...

Everyone start praying that I find some freebies. And something to say. And enough quilts. And a truck to haul them in.

It's nice that quilters are good people, isn't it?

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