Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Like the wind

Here's the thing: I am contractually obligated by my age and the requirements of young love to make this post. Every other 30-something will probably do the same thing but young love is just like that, you know? Johnny Nogorelli was number one in my heart when I was in my cardboard box car phase. He was eclipsed by the time I had keys to an actual car by Johnny Castle. I couldn't see it in the theaters so I had to wait for VHS, but I made up for lost time.

I was going to post a video from the movie to say goodbye to Patrick Swayze, but you'll have to click here and then you can take your pick over at the YouTube.

Johnny Castle was sorta big during my teen years (and even since then, I've watched the movie enough to keep the lines committed to memory. One of my favorites: You just put your pickle on everybody's plate, college boy, and leave the hard stuff to me.

The thing is...I don't really hang around with enough ladies of my certain age who will know why I might say something like that. When I forget, it can be embarrassing, you know? When I recently said "I carried a watermelon" to someone who was carrying a watermelon...total not getting it.)

The other thing I remember most about Dirty Dancing is hearing at church camp a speaker say that he wouldn't watch Dirty Dancing based on the title alone. Thank goodness I knew even as a young pup not to listen to stuff like that. And maybe that my parents didn't hear it.

I'll be busy tonight watching the Dirty Dancing. I think I need a refresher course.

(And because you might not be of the age to have had a burning passion for Patrick Swayze in the 80s, "She's Like the Wind" is the song he co-wrote and sang in the movie.)

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pat sloan said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that movie and I'm WAYYYYYYYYYYY older than you! although I don't remember the words.. just the baby quote
"Johnny: Nobody puts Baby in a corner. "

for easy reference!