Tuesday, September 08, 2009


So I was really unsure whether I had made a terrible decision or just a bad one when I got here yesterday. The place had a little bit of a "raging kegger imminent" feel to it, mainly because of all the "young" people around. And my dog looked worried. After a cozy night spent in subzero conditions (excellent AC here), Froot Loops for breakfast, a swim in the po-o-o-ol (it's a little subzero too. I love it.), and a tour of the deserted place, I'm feeling a little better. Darcy barked at the lawn crew so I hope the place is as deserted as the parking lot appears.
The photos are the view. One's taken outside as Darcy and I depart for her morning constitutional, and the other is taken while I sit on the couch. I take pictures and write blog posts and surf the internets instead of writing anything like I meant too. It's so much easier.

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pat sloan said...

LOL.. step away from the internet! But.. read my blog on wed!!