Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Summer Vacation Bk. 3: Dog On It

So continuing down the list of lake books, the next one up was Dog On It by Spencer Quinn. And I loved it. Really. And I'd say if you're a dog person, you'd like it too. This is Chet the Jet's story and he and his human Bernie solve a missing person case. Chet is the narrator and main character. I know, I had my doubts too, but if you've ever wondered what your dog was thinking, I think Spencer Quinn might have figured it out. Funny, just a bit scary (Chet ends up in a trunk and in danger, serious danger, but it all works out in the end) and easy to read. This one is fun. It looks like this is just the first of Chet's adventures, so I'll be looking for more.
I know, you're shocked. I liked a dog book.
Barnes and Noble suggested this one. Good job, B&N!

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Mary said...

Thanks for this review...I'm half way thru this book and LOVE IT!!!