Thursday, October 08, 2009

Dog hair on the floor?

Last night as I took a break from my watching of the t.v. to vacuum my floor, I admired my dog-hairless carpet and wondered why I don't do more of the cleaning to enjoy it more often. And then I remembered. 1. Dog hair on the floor doesn't really bother me. Much. (Check out the burst on the book. Good advice?) 2. Keeping it up is a never-ending process. 3. I don't allow anyone to eat off of my floors anyway. And the most important reason: 4. I am lazy. I want to do other things, almost any other thing than clean. Except yardwork. I'd rather vacuum than weed, mow, or dig anything.

I also pondered what I would pack to take to Quilt Market and, as always, I'm going to go with more "comfortable walking miles and miles" instead of "looks good." I keep thinking that my lack of style will keep me grounded in Little Rock, but so far, so good. And this time, it's a quick trip. I am happy about that. But I'm going to fit all my stuff in a carry-on bag. So that's going to be...interesting. If you see me in Houston and wonder why I haven't brushed my hair, the answer's simple: no room for the brush!

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