Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Don't touch anything! It all fits right now.

In the world of the fabric stash, I am only an amateur. Thank goodness. I spent most of the weekend refolding, restacking, and reorganizing this closet. In the hunt for the perfect fabrics for last week's tote (after I couldn't find the fabrics I had in mind all along for the tote, I had to pull everything out. It had to be done. And then this weekend, I found the fabrics I was planning to use all along buried under the piles I refused to pull out last week), I made a big mess. The closet was a mess. The room was a mess. And it took a good bit of time to clean up, but it looks so pitiful now (yes, I know the picture quality isn't helping). And this is all my fabric, scrapbooking, sewing notions, jewelry making, and Halloween costume supplies. In this one closet. Of course, there's yarn in a leaning stack behind me, books crammed into every book shelf and stacked on the floor in this room. And the annex (the closet in the other other bedroom) holds my cross stitch stuff. And all the quilt kits I've bought (and never attempted).

I should probably focus and grow one stash only. Or maybe stop growing at all.
But I already have so much good stuff...

This is one reason why the #1 rule at my house is "If it's closed, don't open it." The closets are booby trapped. One false move might have you buried under crafting supplies.

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