Monday, October 26, 2009

It seemed like a reasonable excuse

I didn't clean my house this weekend. That really isn't much news. I don't clean it just about every weekend, but I had good plans this weekend. Here's the problem:
When I got back from Quilt Market two weeks ago, I didn't notice that my trash can was missing. I didn't notice it until it was time for trash pickup. Then I missed it. I called, fearing that my can had been repossessed for nonpayment of the bill. It's just a weird one, a quarterly bill. How am I supposed to remember to pay that? Fortunately, I had paid it. My can just mysteriously disappeared. They'd deliver another one in 5 to 7 business days. By my calculation that was Friday. As calculation is not my strongest suit, it might also be today. I called Friday but the office was already closed. The person who answered said call back Saturday. On Saturday there was no answer. Today there is only a busy signal. My trash pickup is Wednesday. It just didn't make sense to gather up the trash if there's no where to put it. Yeah, that's why. I'm thinking about moving away from big business corporate trash conglomerates and calling Trash-R-Us (not a real company, I don't think) to hook me up. It sure is easier to live in the city. Then you can just blame the government.

I'm currently building an unofficial list of reasons to move to the frozen north.
1. The temperature in my office. I get two settings: hot and hotter.
2. The temperature outside my office about 8 months of the year. One setting: hotter.
3. Crazy trash can stealers in my neighborhood.
4. Trash conglomerates who service the boonies/beyond the ends of the earth but do not answer phone calls.
5. Trains. They probably have trains in the frozen north, but I won't by a house so close to the track next time. Seriously. The two months around here that you put the window up and clean out your house really well, those trains are a menace. So I live too close to the wrong side of the tracks and I have no trash pickup.

You want to come for dinner, don't you?

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