Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tote time again

So instead of cleaning (situation under some control: another trash can requested...again, but a promise to pick up trash bags with no can coating. We'll see.), I worked on another birthday gift, a tote for my friend Jean.  And it's a few days early even! I'm planning to be off on her birthday so I made it early! It's a miracle!

I meant to bring it yesterday. I forgot. I managed to bring it in today, but my delivery was less than a celebration. I was involved in a minor fender-bender this morning and showered my front seat with Diet Coke, the drink of the gods, but managed not to get any on the gift. There I was...innocently stopping at a yellow/red light and bam...Diet Coke droplets everywhere. An hour later, I was lightly damp (it's endlessly raining here, hence non-stoppage), a little achy/jittery, and seriously annoyed so I gave the gift in a grumpy manner. Jean will forgive me.

My car drives. The bumper's still attached. Everyone was reasonable. The state police were quick and helpful (and did not judge me as impaired when I couldn't find the right paperwork, remember my license number or drivers license number,  and couldn't find the shoulder they pointed me at and instead went for the island. It's dark, raining, I've been involved in an accident. And clearly, I'm a little low on Diet Coke. They probably just judged me as blond, and no, it isn't the same as impaired. I can live with that.) There's insurance involved. It could be worse.

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