Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Quilt Market 2009: Booth time

So thanks to Barb and Mary of Me and My Sister Quilt Designs, we had an excellent book signing in our booth. It was great! I have a feeling that these two have a good time no matter where they go and I learned all kinds of interesting things about them and the people standing in line to meet them. You'll have to find a book signing to find out more because I couldn't possibly do any of the stories justice. Seriously. And while I was hanging in our booth and their booth I met Vickie, Rachel, and Julie...quilters, designers, bloggers, and fans of Me and My Sister as well as dedicated Sloanies. (And unfortunately, they aren't in this picture. They could have been, but I did not know. Click the links above if you're interested. This post is really more about the book signing. I get sidetracked.)

And then I did manage to take a few pictures of our booth this time. Of course, they're taken with my iPhone so you get what you get. On the one hand, no flash. And it shakes a little when I insist on breathing while I'm taking pictures. On the other, it fits in my pocket and rings when someone calls me.

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