Thursday, October 01, 2009

Walk-ins welcome

You know, everyone always says that things start to fall apart once you hit 40. I never doubted it, but I've always been an overachiever. I guess I decided to fall apart around 36. And my things weren't all that well glued together before. My doctor has a new policy where she has such a small window of appointment opportunity as to be more like a porthole. A very high porthole. That might be bolted shut but you don't know because you can't reach it and can barely see it.

Appointments are tough to get is what I'm saying. But walk-ins, those are available just any ol' time...except after 3:00 on this day or noon on that day. Still, we've been together for nearly 13 years. This may be the longest relationship I have, except for those related to me by blood or work experience. And after several many visits in the past months, I was prepared to barge in, demand my records, and stalk off in a huff (after I had my blood test) because I'm an appointment kinda girl.

Busy publishing professionals with looming printer dates have better things (OK, definitely not "more fun" but maybe "more important to earning money to pay for doctor's visits") to do than listen to Good Morning America for hours on end (maybe 2 hours isn't hours on end, but that coughing, sneezing, flu-like symptoms lady in the corner makes it seem like a lot longer, you know? My nose is running already.) while playing Spider solitaire and waiting to actually walk-in to the examining room, but then...she was all sympathetic and listeny to me and my complaints and had helpful suggestions and remembered my past and went beyond my normal experience in a medical office to get me a quick referral to a specialist and I remembered why we're together still.

It takes a lot of service to trump convenience in my book, but this may be one of those times. Until WebMD and my Googling skills actually enable me to write my own prescriptions, I guess I'll try to stick with her.

Why I felt the need to tell you this? As usual, I need a blog post. Sorry.

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Mundane Jane said...

I am insanely behind on my blog commenting (as with my blog writing). It almost escaped my notice that you 1) play Spider Solitaire and 2) are finally lost in LOST.

These two things just cement my adoration for you.

BTW, my favorite thing about LOST? When somebody asks, "Hey, what's that show about?"