Thursday, October 29, 2009

You like free stuff, right? I have some.

I don't do giveaways, mainly because I lack the organizational skills to manage this, but as a reward to everyone who reads my trash woes and how visits to the doctor's office go in order to get a rare glimpse into Leisure Arts or a mundane view of my disordered goes. It is a very small pool so your odds are pretty good.

This is my collection of freebies from Quilt Market. It includes
  • a notepad- Anna Maria Horner
  • two patterns - Jackie Clark Designs (I won a door prize! Me! And there were 2 of each pattern included. I'm keeping one, you get one, we'll be pattern buddies!)
  • a free pattern - Amy Butler
  • October Quilter's World magazine
  • Still Crazy for Baby - Leisure Arts (win it before you can buy it...almost!)
  • an emergency sewing kit from Leisure Arts
  • a tote bag made from MaryJane Butters fabrics - Andover
To "enter to win", leave me a comment before November 7. You can comment on this post or any one of the posts next week. I'm sure they'll be fabulous. Tell your friends...tell strangers. Next week, if I get more than...20 comments...I'll keel over in shock. And after I pick myself up, I'll give very own personal copies of each of the books I just sneak peeked (sneaked peeked? snuck peeked? showed you). Yep...20 comments or more...2 super free prizes. And if it's basically painless, I'll do it again.

C'mon people. You can do this. And as I'm totally lawless in some ways (and have my doubts about reaching 20 without them), I'm thinking Leisure Artsers are welcome to enter. (In fact, I may force them to. I have to throw my extreme power around in some manner or they'll ignore me in meetings. It happens.)


Robyn *Ü* said...

Hey I would love to win. (And don't feel bad, I got excited over my new trash can too).

JustCindy said...

I love reading your blog. It has bee a while since you did a Darcy post. I think it is very nice of you to share your goodies from market.

Nancy said...

I am willing to bet you have more readers than you think..

Put my name in the hat, I would love some freebies...

Theresa N. said...

Well I never thought I'd be saying this, hope you keel over. :)
Theresa N

Roselie said...

I am a regular reader of your blog but never comment. I think that you are a hoot and a wonderful writer.

Brenda Bullock said...

Freebies are always good! Which is why we all wind up with swarming stashes!! Count me in, even in the RV I can find space for "just one more".

Mary said...

I read your blog every day & love it! (Especially the book reviews & recommendations :)

Regina said...

So this is what I get when I get behind in my reading... you nearly snuck this one past me!!!

And P-Dub???? That would rock - I don't think she has western NY on her itinerary so living vicariously through you may be the closest I get. What would I ask her??? Hmmmmm..... having tried to photograph my own cooking and crafting I would love to know how she manages to juggle the right hand/left hand/camera/knives/ without making a HUGE mess (or does she and we just don't see it?)