Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloweenie

I guess it is the season to be haunted and scared out of your normal good judgement. I just read the review/discussion of "Paranormal Activity" and watched the trailer here. Of course, I have no plans to see it. I don't watch horror movies. I already have to sleep with the lights on sometimes when I read the wrong book at night and check behind shower curtains when I come in after dark. It's a thing. I don't need any spooky help. I think the last horror movie I saw was Nightmare on Elm Street. And I still remember. This trailer looks pretty scary, especially the audience reaction. The memory of their screams would be enough to make me jittery. I prefer my...everything (books, movies, stories) to be happy, not haunty.

But I are out there, those of you who like to be scared. I hear the commercials for the local haunted house experience where you must be able to "crouch, crawl, and run for your life." People with medical conditions are warned.

Here's how I like my holiday: funny costumes (where you can everyone's face. Masks and clowns creep my stuff out.) and candy, candy, candy. Or cookies. Or candy.

How about you? Love the creepy stuff? Leave me a comment with the best horror movie ever to enter the super, duper giveaway. And if you've seen Paranormal Activity...did you scream like a girl? (Since chances are that are a girl, I think it's OK if you did.)

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Nancy said...

No, I don't watch horror movies either... hubby is sitting here watching Before I Hang with Boris karloff from's not spooky though...
Son and second daughter went and saw Paranormal Activity and he was fine, but she made us leave the bathroom light on all night...and she is 30, married with two kids...LOL