Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I Heart Gadgets

So I had read about Write or Die somewhere, probably in a writer's magazine that I read instead of writing. It happens. For some reason, I decided to hunt it up this weekend.

I'm all into competition, especially when it's me against a clock. I have no idea why.

I've so far only tested Normal Consequences and the Strict Grace Period. I'm a fan of kamikaze mode in most things, but here I think it means words disappear if you don't type in a certain period of time (determined by your grace period setting...what do you think evil means?) And I guess the sense of impending doom helped. Here's how I did:

This is pretty good. At this rate, I could write a book in a little over 24 hours. With two days, I could have an epic on my hands. The only problem is...that's all I had to say about that. If I were to do it again, I might come up with 4 words in 22 minutes. And these are full sentences and complete paragraphs. You can also disable your backspace so that you can only go forward. Wonder how many words of gibberish I could turn out in Evil, Kamikaze mode with no backspace? It would probably look like most of my blog posts.

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