Monday, November 09, 2009

I want to be PW when I grow up

I'd like to be PW when I grow up, without the cows and early mornings, but with the throngs waiting for my arrival to sign things. We had a very good time, waiting in line there in front of the McDonald's and the Little Debbie endcap at the Walmarts.

The Line, approximately 5:00 p.m.
We are the end. The beginning is roughly the girl in green.

We are pretty happy with our position.

The LA gang.
They look happy at approximately 5:17.

They have the official Post-Its ready. Susan and I went rogue and used our Leisure Arts business cards.

Pioneer Woman arrives. One minute she isn't there and then the next, like a magic Wal-Mart shopper, she appears from the 10 items or less lane.

Pioneer Woman is then forced to dart across buggy traffic like Frogger did the highway. She manages to make it to the safety of the book signing table without being buggy-swiped.

Don't these people know they're dodging a celebrity?
Doesn't PW absolutely look the part of the celebrity?
Don't those hands get very, very white when you're shooting indoors with the flash on? Sorry. I had to move fast.

Oh, wait, who is this? Could it be...Marlboro Man? The man, himself? And...wait, he's signing books? Oh, and wait...he's taking photos? And even more important...posing for photos. (I have been promised most sincerely a copy of the one we took together with MM. Yes! We have a photo with MM. Little Rock rocks!)

I asked if he ever thought he'd be signing autographs. His answer: if he had, he'd have learned to write better. I sort of felt proud of myself to ask a somewhat coherent question.Good job, Cheryl. Why, thank you, Cheryl.

This is Lisa talking to Ree about how many recipes she has flagged.

We didn't have that conversation.

I don't really plan to cook.

But I was totally prepared to talk dogs.

We didn't. Also, I missed my chance to ask Regina's question. Sorry, Regina. I lost track of the conversation for a bit.

I don't know what Mary and Ree talked about. I was too busy juggling books, making sure my stupid sweater was buttoned, and wishing I had stopped eating 10 years ago.

And here is Susan giving PW the aprons we had wrapped up specially for her...after we had a little "Leisure Arts" conversation. It was good.

And here is the unimproved photo of the group together with PW. It's a good looking group. Happy.

The line as we were leaving, approximately 6:45.

The books. See there are two of them?
And Pioneer Woman's signature...

And Marlboro Man's signature. I very politely thanked Ree for bringing him to Little Rock. Denver, Salt Lake City, and Phoenix are all so sad now. I'm just sure of it.
Little Rock rocks!

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Regina said...

Great shots of the book! Will HAVE to go get one of my own just for that last page! Forgiven for not getting to my question - I probably would not have been able to spit it out either! Envy Envy Envy!!!!