Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Marlboro Man, Pioneer Woman, and the Outakes

(For the first part of the story...check out the post from last night, the one right below this one...it's good too.)
So here it is...the photo with Marlboro Man. We then switched out a member to get the photographer in the photo and the strain of appearing normal became too much for me. Her picture has me making a strange face.

I think it was probably more like my normal expression.
A better picture of Pioneer Woman admiring the aprons...and looking very star-like.

And because I am an equal opportunity blog poster...a shot of me that made me nearly shoot Diet Coke through my nose this morning.

Mary and Ree are all business, happy just signing away.
Susan looks a little doubtful.
And me, I can't do anything but shuffle camera, books, purse and phone.
Still, I did get a book for a very, very good friend who is unlucky enough to live far away, nowhere near Little Rock, Ree, Ladd, or the crazy LA gang. It all worked out. And this is a dang funny picture. I don't currently have in my possession the Marlboro Man shot that I messed up. Sorry. I probably wouldn't post it anyway. I don't really want to see that face again.


Jilly said...

You have my butt on your blog...thanks for the line pic!! ;)

JustCindy said...

Are we twins? I can't juggle more than 1 item at a time.

pat sloan said...

ahhhh... I wishwishwishwishwish I was THERE!!!!! Are you able to hire me on so I can be with you always?????

smooches..... I was even WORKING when you texted.. how pathetic is THAT!