Friday, November 06, 2009

Plastic pieces

The two rules of procrastination:  1) Do it today.  2) Tomorrow will be today tomorrow.  ~Author Unknown

Remember when I did this?

I do. I remember the scraping sound vividly and have avoided all light poles and the Applebee's in Benton since I did it. And have had every intention of getting estimates, but I could never figure out how to get the repairs done because I can't walk to work from Benton. Or I could, but the car would be fixed way before I actually managed to walk to work from the ends of the earth. So I have put off until tomorrow...repeatedly. The time-off window I have coming up around Thanksgiving was my next deadline.

And then last week someone didn't stop in time and banged my bumper at a stop light. She only did this.

Since then I've been pondering how fate works and doing the right thing and if I should repair a minor scratch/bend/crease/smudge/whatever you'd call that when it means getting my own scrapes fixed too and how important it is to have reputable, up-to-date insurance...and yesterday, I finally found out how this would work. Turns out, to fix the minor damage, the entire bumper cover will be replaced, along with that black piece at the bottom. That will take at least 2 days (that would have been a lot of walking) so this reputable insurance company (State Farm, not my company, but if this works the way they say it will, still a very good neighbor) will provide a rental car (much less walking). And will take away all the damage that I did too, except for the little, tiny, teeny piece of tail light that's missing.

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Anonymous said...

If you're lucky, her insurance may also cover a replacement tail light cover. If they don't though, I strongly recommend getting it done anyway. In many states, a broken light cover is enough to generate a moving violation ticket.

Ask around and see if you know any guys that are handy with cars. Then order the part yourself from (very happy customer here) or another similar site. I bet you can get the lens itself for a hundred or less.