Thursday, November 05, 2009

If you sent me a box, here it is

Someone came into my office this morning and asked if I was moving. I don't know if she meant in or out, but I'm not doing either. Inside those boxes are precious quilts sent in by hopeful designers. And at least 2 of them are going to grow up to be quilt books someday, maybe even all of them.

And that's my in-box on top: fully grown, newly printed books on one side with some magazines thrown in for interest and one that we're currently working on waiting for...something. They're always waiting for something.

I'm hoping everything else is e-mail for a while (but don't even get me started on how many "boxes" are in the email...there's a few. Still, they stack up much more attractively in there.)

1 comment:

Regina said...

OOh - boxes! Kind of like Christmas every day - or not -depending on how much work they create!