Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Another fine mess

So this is what a "treadmill delivery" looks like.
When it finally arrived last night, I was beyond care. And today isn't looking so hot for the extra energy and good mental health required to assemble this.
And really it isn't that big a deal except that's the door that I have to use to get in right now to the left of the box (or in extreme cases, the back door. They've all been extreme cases lately). And the door that the box is leaning on is the closet that holds all my coats. I have not really needed a coat...until this morning.

Darcy is plenty concerned about the situation. I was a little a worried she might be in danger but that box doesn't have much room to move.

I'm thinking about just wrapping it with some shiny ribbon or garland and calling it a Christmas tree. I still don't have one of those up.

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