Tuesday, December 08, 2009

New car shopping anyone? Pontiac G6, Everett BPGmc...boo.

This is me. Ok, it's not really me but in my heart this is me. Stupid cars. And service advisors who are unhelpful. And the idea of yet another trip (#4 in 3 weeks if I'm adding correctly)to sit in the waiting room of Everett Pontiac Buick GMC, home of one of the world's largest televisions which plays Fox and Friends until I want to smash my head into it, for hours on end to be told there's nothing more they can do. And then remembering jerking to a snail's pace in morning rush hour traffic because that problem that's not supposed to be a real problem is, in fact, a problem. And now it's a problem also for all the traffic whizzzing by me. And also the idea of getting the stupid car back into the hands of the unhelpful service advisor somehow. And living my life at the same time.

All's I know...a horse would never let me down this way. I'm thinking about ditching the Pontiac G6 and going horse and buggy...convertible all the time. Think it'll fit in the garage?

UPDATE: so they sent a tow truck and a loaner car out to my work from beyond the ends of the earth...that seems like a pretty good thing to do. Wonder if they'll just let me keep the RAV4 loaner? I likes it.

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Anonymous said...

It'll fit in the garage, but if you think that maintenance is bad on your car, try calling for a farrier when your new conveyance needs tires, er, shoes. Besides which, Darcy will not share the couch with your horse when you let him in. No way, no how.