Monday, December 14, 2009

Good intentions

This was supposed to be a picture of my Christmas tree, a built-in blog post. I just didn't get the tree up. It's all but up already even though it's still in a box in the garage. There's a lot you have to do at my house before the tree can go up, mainly involving picking up dog food buried in plain sight by the wondrous Darcy. It was really cute when she was little. It's still cute unless you're trying to keep the house clean. But I did all that so the conditions are right now for the tree to go up.

I'll work on it tonight. I'm serious. I mean it this time.

Instead of putting the tree up I did a lot of other things. I did a lot this weekend. None of it really deserves a picture yet. I made a list of things to cross off and did some of them and then did some extra just to be sure. I bought my first Christmas gift on Friday night in a mini-shopping spree. Saturday morning I ordered a bunch more, so many in fact, that my credit card company stopped the payments because they suspected fraud. I appreciate that. I really do but it cramps my Christmas shopping online ordering. I think I have 3 gifts left to purchase (people who put salt and pepper shakers and shoes on their Christmas list, so I'm having to do some thinking) and the only hand-made thing that remains on my list is a pair of woolly socks for my grandmother. And those I should just probably go out and buy.

Also I made two birthday gifts. This was a test of my endurance, devotion, and hand/eye coordination. Seriously.
I cleaned to make way for the tree. I carried a buggy-load of food out of WalMarts in beginning the Christmas feast preparation. And I finished up my co-workers gifts (such as they are...sorry, friends) and did a little fun stuff for our upcoming par-tay.

I'm tired. And that missing tree nags. Tonight. Tonight or never.

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