Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Plans and stuff.

So when I tweeted last night that the tree was "up" I was anticipating having it up. I did a lot last night and all that was left on the list was to put the tree up. So around 7:30 or so, that was my plan.

And then I went out into the garage and saw this coming out from under my car, a pink ooze. What you see is a little over an hour's worth of dripping stuff, coolant if I have to guess. That can't be good. It was too late to take it anywhere so I basically plotted a route to get it back to the #%&$;*!@( stupid dealership and plopped myself down on the couch to moan and watch The Sing Off (after I chased Darcy round and round to wipe said pink ooze off of her feet because of course she walked right through it and then I moved my car out of the garage to try to keep the ooze from spreading all over the floor so she barked at my car parked in front of the house. All. Night. Long. And then she slept pretty well, while I was awake with my thoughts and her rhythmic kicks right in the middle of my back. I guess she was still giving my car what for even in her dreams. And I really appreciate that because someone really needs to take my car in hand. I gave it a swift kick on the way to the loaner car.)

So this is what my tree looks like. I'm thinking about leaving it like this as a sign of protest.

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Anonymous said...

I'm not completely certain, but I *think* pink is transmission. Or maybe brakes. Coolant is definitely greenish-yellow. Yes, automotive fluids are color coded.

And keep Darcy out of the garage while that spill is there. Although I'm sure you know that, and I know last night was unavoidable. Most auto fluids are dangerous to pets. Coolant is absolutely fatal. My parents used to use coolant to deal with a squirrel infestation.