Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Where movies replace books

When I have vacation time, I get in the mood to watch movies. For some reason, I don't watch them much when things are business as usual. I just finished a long, long weekend with the holidays and a couple of vacation days. In addition to watching movies like "Night at the Museum" on the t.v., I rented movies. And I knitted. And on a couple of days, I did some serious housework. I don't know what got into me. I think it's the looming holiday celebration but I'm just going to get to do it all over again.

RedBox is wonderful. I rented and watched in this order:
1. Accidental Husband-Two words: Colin. Firth. I thought I would love it on that fact alone. Add to that Jeffrey Dean Morgan (who I first met as Denny on Grey's Anatomy but loved better in P.S. I Love You...Irish is so much better.) But get this...Uma throws over Colin for Jeffrey with a Brooklyn accent. Totally unreal to me.
2. Star Trek-I watched this gratefully after I did my impression of a hippo on roller skates while I mopped. After I dragged myself to dry territory along the kitchen floor, I determined that it was time to watch a movie. I am not a Star Trek person and I really didn't expect to like this much. I did. I think it was the most realistic movie that I watched. I didn't care for Captain Kirk much, but I was very happy to see Sulu. He's my favorite FBI agent on Flash Forward (and if he really dies, I might be done with this show) and he was my favorite crew member. Fencing is good.
3. G.I. Joe-OK, I watched this mainly thinking what a bad actor played Duke and trying to determine whether Heavy Load or Head Case or whatever his name is was Mr. Eko on Lost. He was. That's what I got out of this one.
4. Angels and Demons-OK, so I had seen DaVinci Code. I sorta expected some of what I saw. And I was willing to go in for more church conspiracy, the slim possibility that someone might poison the pope, and the even slimmer chance that one man could kidnap those 4 important guys in the Vatican. But the scene where the camerlengo runs the antimatter all the way through the chapel, through the crowd, into a helicopter, flies it straight up, parachutes out and lands before the antimatter explodes...couldn't go for it. All it would have taken was for Langdon to turn to Vetra and say "It looks like we had five minutes after all." I would have been back on board. But no.

So in the effort to find something real, something that might really happen, I went to see New Moon. And I enjoyed it, vampires, werewolves and all. And I am now a member of Team Jacob. Although I do think someone should put a shirt on that boy, even though he is kind of beautiful, way more beautiful than all the vampires who looked like they'd had too much red Kool-Aid to drink.

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