Thursday, December 03, 2009

Would you believe...

This is my thumb. It has a hole. How did the hole get there?
A. I knit so fast, in fact, at a blistering speed to finish the mittens and the scarf over my vacay.
B. I cleaned, shined, spit-polished my house from top to bottom and around the sides so this is, in fact, a Cinderella-esque blister on my thumb.
C. I have a Wii. I hauled out said Wii as a part of my Christmas celebration preparation and got a little carried away with Super Mario Galaxy.
D. All of the the above.

What do you think? To help you decide, I knit at a snail's pace. It might be a quickly moving snail as snails go, but still it's nothing to remark over. Or cause a blister. I did, however, labor enough with the knitting needles to have nearly constant pins and needles in my hands and I wake up to feel a dead weight/hand in the morning. The key to successful Christmas gift knitting: conditioning.

Cleaning a blister on my thumb? I say "Ha!" to that. In fact it deserves a double ha "Ha, Ha!"

You thought I had better sense than to give my self "Joystick Thumb" didn't you? That just shows what you know! Ha! again.

I was just going to play for a minute. Two hours later I looked up and had a blister on my thumb. I had managed to conquer the first world...and twirl a blister on my thumb. Do you think this is an indication that I am too old to play? Or maybe that I am too delicate? I should just stick with my knitting until I lose all feeling in my hands? On the bright(?) side, I can definitely feel this thumb. And knitting is a little out of the question. And also house cleaning. And then Super Mario Galaxy for a while...unless...I could switch hands and use the other thumb? Or maybe...Band-Aids? There are worlds left to conquer!!

This reminds me of my Atari days. The callus was in a different spot then because the joystick took two hands to hold in order to move Ms. Pac Man around the board. My mom had the best Atari/Ms. Pac Man wounds ever. She would stay up until all hours playing because she couldn't get to the game until we all went to bed. She would totally appreciate this blister. I wish I could show it to her!

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Regina said...

LOL - I can't believe you did that! I get holes in my fingers when quilting and not realizing the needle is stabbing me - but it has been a long time since I got a video game blister!