Friday, January 01, 2010

I like these Black Eyed Peas better

Since I don't eat black eyed peas, hog jowl, cabbage or any of the other things I've heard variously mentioned as good luck for New Year's, I thought I'd see what else I could do for good luck. Do you think it counts if you listen to the Black Eyed Peas? That I can totally do.

Here's a list of other traditions I came up with (with an extensive web search...not.)

1. Wear New Clothes
Wear new clothes on a New Year's Day to get more new garments during the year. Red clothing is preferred and is sure to attract for the wearer a brighter future.

I got a new pair of jammies for Christmas. I wore them for a significant part of the day. They're pink which is in the red family. I'm counting it. I like new clothes and a brighter future.

2. Avoid Crying
Avoid breaking things or crying and wailing on the first day of the year, if you don't want to continue the pattern for the entire year.

I wish I'd read this a little eariler. I just finsihed reading book that had a tear or too...but they were fictional in nature so I don't think that really counts, do you? I think if I stay here in this house, I can manage this one too.

3. Be Polite
People say that one should behave nicely on New Year and must refrain from using foul language. Ghost stories and conversations on death should also be avoided.

Note to self: Ask Darcy politely to Please stop barking. And to stop with the ghost stories. Since the car is gone, I have less problem with the foul language. Good thing I finished reading that book, The Thirteenth Tale, yesterday and all.

4. Lucky New Year Babies

Babies born on 1st January is said to be the luckiest of all throughout their lives.

Um, I got nothing here.

5. Don't Let Money Leave the House

Do not pay loans and bills or lend things to anybody. People go to the extent of not taking out garbage or even not dusting their carpets on this day to ensure that nothing goes out of home during the year.
No money, no garbage, no carpets leaving the house today. Got it. I can totally handle this. I'll just run put my jammies back on to be absolutely certain.

6. Stock Up Cupboards and Wallets

Cabinets stocked up with food and wallets and purses full of money bring prosperity. Similarly, empty pockets or empty cupboards on New Years Eve portend a year of poverty.

Uh. Oh. Looks like I'm headed to poverty. I think I have about $3 in cash and a few cans of diced tomatoes in the cupboard. It's going to be a rough year. Of course, I think that may be more than I had last year, so things could be looking up.

7. Do not Wash Dishes
Washing dishes and doing laundry on New Year's day is said to lead to a death in the family during the year. Many people do not even wash hair on New Year day.

No dishes, no laundry, no problem. Since housework broke my dog on Christmas, I've decided to give it up permanently anyway.

8. Do Token Amount of Work

It is said that one must do token amount of work on the New Year's Day. This is said to ensure advancement in career. But starting out a serious work project is unlucky on New Year Day.

Gonna have to do it in my jammies and I can't leave my house...I'll have to see what I can do.

9. First Footing

One must never leave the home before someone comes in first. First footer in the house should be ushered in with a warm welcome and should not have flat feet, cross-eyes or eyebrows stretching out to meet in the middle. It would be even better if he came bearing certain small gifts.

I think I'm going to be stuck here for a long time.

10. Drain the Bottle

You could ensure yourself good fortune by draining the last dregs from a bottle of drink on New Years!

Do you think Sprite counts? I have some of that left from the Christmas feast here. It's either that or milk. I'll have to think on which brings better fortune.

Whatever you're doing (or not doing) to make sure that 2010 is a lucky, prosperous year, I wish you a Happy New Year!

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