Monday, January 04, 2010

Christmas vacation

Why is it that vacation days pass so much more quickly than we want them to? On my time off, I managed to
 1. Clean my house and prepare parts of a Christmas dinner. The turkey battle this year was particularly memorable as it required me to yank the still-frozen neck out the rear end of the carcass at dawn. My self-imposed ban on eating turkey remains stronger than ever.
2. Find a vet to fix Darcy after the housework nearly broke her. We had a rough night on Christmas night where I nearly took her over the river and through the city to the emergency vet. After a visit to the only vet open on Saturday in Benton, she experienced better living through pharmaceuticals. I am a fan of drugs.
3. Then we slept for approximately 48 hours on the couch.
4. Then I spent 4 years of my life driving cars, negotiating cars, returning cars, tracking down my brother, and repeating until I bought one. So far no pink puddles, overheating, or running fans, so good.

In my spare time, I wrote a little, read a little, watched a few movies, a bowl game, a basketball game, and figured out how to keep the heat on and turn it off in my new car as well as how to move the seat. There are a lot of buttons. It took a while.

It really doesn't seem like much when you list it all out like that.
Darcy is ducking the camera as well as the thought of the approaching Monday.

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JustCindy said...

You need a vacation. Hope all is well with Darcy soon.